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Collecting unusual antique silver spoons

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 14:53 Written by 

Collecting unusual silver spoons is entertaining and exciting. There are collector clubs all over the world for "spooners" who love to collect antique silver spoons. People such as this meet with other collectors to trade or sell as well as to share their information.

Collecting antique silver spoons is not only fun but can also be educational! Take out your collection of spoons today and have a chat with a younger generation about why they have become such a popular thing for antique collectors to acquire!

Did you know sterling silver keepsake spoons were all the rage in Europe in the mid 1800's? As people began totravel to America, within the later 1890's, the trend of collecting spoons began there as well. They were modestly priced, so virtually everyone could afford them. Many were created with extravagantly embossed handles and had well-known buildings, faces, etc. inscribed in the handle or bowl of the spoon. Currently, very popular antique silver spoons to collect comprise those engraved with anything to do with the Royal Family, famous places, well known bridges, court houses, great Olympic athletes, famous faces, political icons, prominent universities, etc. Lots of people collect spoons from the place they were born or areas they have visited or spent a holiday.

Very old spoons and unusual spoons are also collectible such as silver sifter spoons such as the one featured in the photograph.   This is a particularly good example of a Victorian sterling silver fiddle pattern sifter spoon, with geometric decoration and crested on the handle with a bee. It was made by silversmiths Robert, James and Josiah Williams in Exeter in 1825.  If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for a chef this Christmas, any chef or cook would be proud to own a utensil that has survived for 188 years and can still be used today.  You can see two of our antique silver sifter spoons but scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the video.

The value of antique silver spoons depends on many things and therefore you should be careful when buying them on auction sites since the knowledge of the seller may not be as extensive as that of antique silver dealers.  Value depends on the age of the spoon, the silversmith who made it, the condition; the weight of the spoon, the content of silver and whether or not it was made as part of a set or just as a single spoon for collection purposes among many other things.

Often you can bag a bargain in online antique silver stores since antique silver dealers do not have the overheads of a retail outlet and hence will afford certain discounts to their customers.

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