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Silver in business

Monday, 20 July 2015 02:00 Written by 

Having recently had a drink with an interior design friend of mine, I was rather surprised to learn that colours are not just used as part of the decoration around their themes.

For example, if an interior designer decided to use silver as a colour in a commercial environment they would consider the message this colour transmits to customers or clients.  Apparently colours can have a major effect on the success or failure of a business.

Silver is a colour that people associate with affluence and prestige which is why, interior designers will often purchase silver items to match the colour scheme, furnishings and fittings in an office or home environment.  If the theme is antique they might purchase an antique silver fruit bowl as a finishing effect.

Silver has a calming effect, uplifting the mood with its brightness, so much better than grey.  Silver reflects patience, tenacity, dignity and self-control.  A business that uses silver as a colour in its décor will project an image of being organised, patient and responsible to its clients.

The colour silver and silver objects fit perfectly into the corporate world enhancing the image of executives, whether male or female.

From a personal point of view, if your favourite colour is silver, you are likely to be creative and imaginative with a preference for expressing yourself in writing.  You may also be a great orator, making after dinner speeches that you will have written yourself.

Whilst I have never considered the use of antique silver items from an interior design perspective I must admit that being surrounded by them all the things I have been told are certainly true to me.  I am organised, patient, and tenacious and certainly feel calmness when admiring my silver collection.

So now I know why my interior design friend periodically buys some of my larger antique silver pieces.  It isn’t just for the investment value after all!  You learn something every day!

If you are considering changing your office décor to silver, I know a very good interior designer who knows an antique silver dealer to put the finishing touches to your theme.

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