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Tasty Tea Caddies

Monday, 09 November 2015 18:28 Written by 

The name caddy comes from the Maly word cati. Tea was actually sold by the cati, which represents a weight of 0.5 kg.

Caddies originated in the late 17th Century in the reign of King William 111, but they were rare at that time due to the high cost of tea.

Tea caddies became more popular as tea becme cheaper during the 18th century when George 1, George 11, George 111, George 1V, William 1V and Victoria were on the throne. As the tea became cheaper, tea caddies naturally became larger!

Early Georgian examples would normally be oblong in shape and have a pull off cylindrical lid. The lid would serve as a measure for the tea.

The antique silver tea caddy displayed here is one of many on the Warners Antique Silver website. Anyone for tea? Click on the link beneath the tea caddy for full details

77 A Silver Tea Caddy Victorian

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