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Antique silver wine coasters

Sunday, 01 May 2016 18:51 Written by 

Antique silver wine coasters were developed in the 17th century, becoming more popular during the 18th century and are used to prevent wine seeping down the outside of the bottle onto the immaculately polished dining table.

Wine coasters were always produced in pairs - antique silver collectors should check that the hallmarks are the same on each antique wine coaster. As the marks are usually close to the base on the outside of the coaster it is becoming harder to find coasters with unrubbed hallmarks after centuries of cleaning!

The earliest antique wine coasters were quite small in diameter as they were only used for bottles, but as they started being used for glass decanters, so the coasters increased in size to six inches or more in diameter. 

Baize was added under the base of the coaster so as the bottle or decanter could be pushed effortlessly around the table.

They are still being produced in the 20th century, some very similar to the earlier examples.

Wine coasters can be completely made of silver or silver plate, but the two silver coasters displayed on the Warners Antique Silver website have turned wood bases, with silver inset circular bosses. It is unusual to find this silver boss without an inscription, hence the desirability of this pair of George 1V silver wine coasters displayed here

Georgian antique silver wine coasters and Victorian silver wine coasters are popular with collectors because they bring beauty and elegance to any dining table or sideboard.

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