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As antique silver dealers, we keep up to date with the latest news on antique silver burglaries, not least because we don’t want to buy anything that is stolen.  Regular readers of our blog will be aware that we have featured some of the most unusual thefts and here is the latest news on a spate of burglaries in Columbus, Georgia, USA where thieves only seem to be interested in silver.

The disposal of antique silver today, may be seen as a sign of the times when people trade in their silver at scrap value to raise cash in what is the longest recession any of us have ever known.However, the British Monarchy has done its fair share of trading antique silver to fund all manner of things as can be seen in the following:

We have in the past posted advice about protecting your antique silver collection both from burglars and also in terms of the best way of cleaning and storing it.

However, we feel it appropriate to mention a relatively new product that has come onto the market called Smartwater.  This is a forensic fluid made up of microscopic particles that create a unique identification code when used to mark valuable property. 

Well, well with all the talk of investment, potential banking crashes and second class currencies it might be worth turning our attention back to silver as a safe place to lodge money.

Born on the 14th September 1728 Matthew Boulton, whilst not a silversmith, is worth mentioning on our blog for his entrepreneurial skills during the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century, his influence and achievements within the silversmith and goldsmith industry and notable services to the craft.

Fans of the ITV1 series “Mr Selfridge” that dramatizes the history of one of the oldest, most famous department stores in London and the life of its founder Harry Gordon Selfridge, might wonder whether an equally entertaining series could be made about Charles Lewis Tiffany of Tiffany & Co renown.

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