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George 111

King George 111 was born George William Frederick on 4th June 1738 and was King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760, until the union of these two countries in 1801; after which he became King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until his death in 1820. He also became King of Hanover in 1814, but unlike his two Hanoverian predecessors, he was born in Britain, spoke English and never actually visited Hanover at all.

George 111 lived and reigned longer than any previous monarch and was involved in several military conflicts. Shortly after he came to the throne, Great Britain defeated France in the Seven Years War. Further wars with France concluded in 1815 with the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

Later in life he suffered from mental illness, and recent medical opinion believes that the cause could have been the blood disease porphyria. After a relapse in 1810, his eldest son George, Prince of Wales, ruled as Prince Regent until his father\'s death in 1820 when he became King George 1V.

London silver produced during the reign of George 111 displays the Leopard\'s Head Crowned within the hallmark, as distinct from later London Georgian silver which only shows a bare leopard\'s head.


A George 111 sterling silver coffee pot

by Robert Hennell 1, London 1794

Sales price: £2,995.00
A pair of George 111 antique silver salt cellars

by Thomas Wallis 11 & Jonathan Hayne, London 1818.

Sales price: £645.00
A George 111 silver teapot

by John Emes, London 1807.

Sales price: £1,575.00
0118. A silver salver (George 111)

by William Bennett, London 1819.

Sales price: £795.00
0121. A pair of George 111 antique silver goblets

by Henry Chawner, London 1791/1792.

Sales price: £3,495.00
0123. A pair of George 111 silver tablespoons

by Richard Crossley, London 1799.

Sales price: £210.00
0124. A set of six silver George 111 dessert spoons

by Eley, Fearn & Chawner, London 1811.

Sales price: £395.00
0127. A silver tablespoon - George 111

by Edward Lees, London 1815.

Sales price: £95.00
0139. A George 111 antique silver tea caddy

by Robert Hennell 1 & Samuel Hennell, London 1803.

Sales price: £3,995.00
0141. A silver ladle - George 111

by Thomas & William Chawner, London 1766.

Sales price: £395.00
0145. A George 111 antique silver cream jug.

possibly by George Cowles, London 1806. SOLD

Sales price: £180.00
0146. A George 111 silver christening mug

by Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard, London 1820.

Sales price: £395.00
0147. A silver George 111 christening mug

by George Knight, London 1818.

Sales price: £395.00
0150. A silver goblet - George 111

by Thomas Wilkes Barker, London 1818.

Sales price: £995.00
0151. A George 111 sterling silver tankard (lidded)

by Augustin Le Sage, London 1777.

Sales price: £2,975.00
0152. A George 111 antique silver sugar basket

by Philip Freeman, London 1775.

Sales price: £975.00
0155. A George 111 silver mug (pint)

by John Langlands 1, Newcastle 1769.

Sales price: £1,095.00
0156. A silver George 111 tankard (pint)

by William Cattell, London 1759.

Sales price: £1,250.00
Sales price: £4,775.00
0162. A George 111 silver meat platter

by Augustin Le Sage, London 1776.

Sales price: £1,650.00
0166. A pair of George 111 silver tea caddies in an ebonised box

by John Parker and Edward Wakelin, London 1770.

Sales price: £3,750.00
0169. A George 111 silver mug

by Thomas Whipham, London 1770

Sales price: £875.00
0171. A George 111 silver coffee pot

by William Skeen, London 1764

Sales price: £2,995.00
0172. A pair of George 111 silver goblets

by Sebastian & James Crespell, London 1766.

Sales price: £2,575.00
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