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Before the mid 18th century, antique silver in Britain was categorised by the name of the reigning monarch of the period. In this way, styles were created such as Elizabethan, William & Mary, Queen Anne, Georgian and Victorian.

Silver producers were located in major cities throughout the British Isles; and so the English, Scottish and Irish antique silver we collect or invest in today originated from London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle, Exeter, York, Chester, Norwich, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dublin.

You will notice that many pieces in my collection were produced in London as this was reputed to be the city producing the highest quality silverware. Georgian silver covers the reigns of: George 1 (1714 - 1727), George 11 (1727 - 1760), George 111 (1760 - 1820) and George 1V (1820 - 1830).

All Georgian silver is displayed on this page within Warners Antique Silver. Collectors or dealers can view individual products by clicking on the image. It is then a simple process if you wish to purchase a beautiful piece of antique silver either for investment or just to admire at home.

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A George 111 hallmark silver snuff box

by John Lawrence, Birmingham 1817.

Sales price: £395.00
Sales price: £4,775.00
0127. A silver tablespoon - George 111

by Edward Lees, London 1815.

Sales price: £95.00
A matched silver sugar bowl and silver cream jug (George 1V)

by Jonathan Hayne (cream jug) & Thomas Wilkes Barker (sugar ...

Sales price: £695.00
A George 111 silver cream jug

by Walter Crisp, London 1770.

Sales price: £695.00
0152. A George 111 antique silver sugar basket

by Philip Freeman, London 1775.

Sales price: £975.00
A silver sifter spoon (George 1V)

by William Chawner 11, London 1825.

Sales price: £120.00
0171. A George 111 silver coffee pot

by William Skeen, London 1764

Sales price: £2,995.00
A silver sugar bowl - George 111.

by Crispin Fuller, London 1799. SOLD

Sales price: £235.00
A pair of George 11 sterling silver salts

by David Field, London 1748.

Sales price: £635.00
A silver salver - George 11

by John Swift, London1756

Sales price: £865.00
A George 111 antique silver snuff box

by Joseph Ash 1, London 1812

Sales price: £535.00
0160. A George 11 silver tankard

by Humphrey Payne, London 1739.

Sales price: £3,750.00
0141. A silver ladle - George 111

by Thomas & William Chawner, London 1766.

Sales price: £395.00
A George 111 sterling silver sugar caster

by Samuel Wood, London 1761.

Sales price: £595.00
A silver George 111 cream or sauce boat

by JS (unidentified -see Grimwade 3685), London 1771.

Sales price: £499.00
Sales price: £3,595.00
0118. A silver salver (George 111)

by William Bennett, London 1819.

Sales price: £795.00
0172. A pair of George 111 silver goblets

by Sebastian & James Crespell, London 1766.

Sales price: £2,575.00
A pair of George 111 antique silver wine coasters

John Roberts & Co., Sheffield 1812.

Sales price: £2,750.00
A George 111 silver pap boat

by William Eaton, London 1815.

Sales price: £525.00
A George 111 antique silver mug

by Thomas Wallis 1, London 1774

Sales price: £750.00
A silver George 111 coffee pot

by John King, London 1773.

Sales price: £2,995.00
0162. A George 111 silver meat platter

by Augustin Le Sage, London 1776.

Sales price: £1,650.00
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