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Before the mid 18th century, antique silver in Britain was categorised by the name of the reigning monarch of the period. In this way, styles were created such as Elizabethan, William & Mary, Queen Anne, Georgian and Victorian.

Silver producers were located in major cities throughout the British Isles; and so the English, Scottish and Irish antique silver we collect or invest in today originated from London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle, Exeter, York, Chester, Norwich, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dublin.

You will notice that many pieces in my collection were produced in London as this was reputed to be the city producing the highest quality silverware. Georgian silver covers the reigns of: George 1 (1714 - 1727), George 11 (1727 - 1760), George 111 (1760 - 1820) and George 1V (1820 - 1830).

All Georgian silver is displayed on this page within Warners Antique Silver. Collectors or dealers can view individual products by clicking on the image. It is then a simple process if you wish to purchase a beautiful piece of antique silver either for investment or just to admire at home.

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0177. A George 111 antique silver tea caddy

by Crispin Fuller, London 1809

Sales price: £1,350.00
0178. A Rare George 111 Antique Silver Goblet

by Boulton & Fothergill, Birmingham 1778.

Sales price: £1,950.00
A silver George 1V salver

by Hyam Hymas, London 1827.

Sales price: £995.00
0169. A George 111 silver mug

by Thomas Whipham, London 1770

Sales price: £875.00
A George 111 silver sauce ladle

by Richard Crossley, London 1798.

Sales price: £99.00
0146. A George 111 silver christening mug

by Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard, London 1820.

Sales price: £395.00
A George 1V sterling silver vinaigrette

by John Bettridge, Birmingham 1826.

Sales price: £325.00
0156. A silver George 111 tankard (pint)

by William Cattell, London 1759.

Sales price: £1,250.00
A George 111 sterling silver sugar caster

possibly by George Smith 111, London 1787.

Sales price: £595.00
0123. A pair of George 111 silver tablespoons

by Richard Crossley, London 1799.

Sales price: £210.00
A George 111 silver tea set

by Alice & George Burrows, London 1819.

Sales price: £1,775.00
0139. A George 111 antique silver tea caddy

by Robert Hennell 1 & Samuel Hennell, London 1803.

Sales price: £3,995.00
A George 111 sterling silver snuff box

by Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham 1808.

Sales price: £435.00
A George 111 sterling silver coffee pot

by Robert Hennell 1, London 1794

Sales price: £2,995.00
0166. A pair of George 111 silver tea caddies in an ebonised box

by John Parker and Edward Wakelin, London 1770.

Sales price: £3,750.00
A George 11 silver salver

by Hugh Mills, London 1755.

Sales price: £549.00
0147. A silver George 111 christening mug

by George Knight, London 1818.

Sales price: £395.00
A silver George 11 salver

by Dennis Langton, London 1735.

Sales price: £795.00
A George 111 antique silver sugar basket

by William Stroud, London 1794.

Sales price: £795.00
0157. A silver George 11 sauce boat

by Henry Brind, London 1744.

Sales price: £975.00
0124. A set of six silver George 111 dessert spoons

by Eley, Fearn & Chawner, London 1811.

Sales price: £395.00
A silver tankard (George 111)

by John Kidder, London 1784.

Sales price: £975.00
0151. A George 111 sterling silver tankard (lidded)

by Augustin Le Sage, London 1777.

Sales price: £2,975.00
A silver vinaigrette - George 111

by John Shaw, Birmingham 1806.

Sales price: £695.00
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