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Saturday, 02 April 2016 10:44

Victorian Silver Sugar Bowls

The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians hammered silver into the shape of bowls, because for the most part silver bowls were easier to eat from than any kind of plate or dish. Sterling antique silver bowls were created from the 17th Century to the present time.

A sheet of silver was offered hammered into shape using the stump of a tree. The silversmith would first hammer around the edge and then work inwards towards the centre by hammering in concentric circles. In order to create stability the bowl was generally left thicker on the base and had slightly thinner sides.

click here for more details on this magnificent Victorian silver sugar bowl made by Robert Hennell, London 1843. This is one of several examples of Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian silver bowls on the Warners Antique Silver website.

Friday, 11 March 2016 17:14

Silver Sugar Casters


Silver casters were being made in the seventeenth century for sugar and pepper as well as mustard. Collectors can easily identify the difference between them, the largest always being for sugar.

The smaller pepper and mustard would be about the same size, although the mustard would be "blind" and not pierced in the same way as the pepper caster.

Antique silver sugar casters with baluster form are typical of the late eighteenth century.

Click here for details of this stunning Victorian silver sugar caster by Thomas Bradbury, London 1897

Monday, 11 January 2016 11:34

Silver Birthday Presents

Buying a special gift for a twenty first birthday can often be difficult. Well, look no further than Warners Antique Silver, where finding a timeless piece of silver could not be easier.

As I often say, it doesn't have to be too expensive! Take a look at this lovely William 1V silver mug, full details of which can be found by clicking here.

Using the Warners Antique Silver website you can buy silver online. We are purely online silver dealers and by exploring our website you will notice not just William 1V silver, but Georgian antique silver, Victorian silver, as well as Edwardian antique silver. We have even included a few modern pieces of silver!

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Our antique silver collection changes from day to day, and if there is any item not shown on our antique silver website, we can do our best to find that special item for you. Just give us a call!