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Saturday, 22 October 2016 03:02

The Maker's Mark



The fascination for me about collecting antique silver is all about being able to trace when and who by the piece was made. It is therefore gratifying if the hallmarks are in good condition and have not been rubbed, sometimes in their entirety, by an over enthusiastic housekeeper!

Some antique silver collectors will specialise in just a particular maker's name, some of which are much more collectable than others. However, the mark struck on a piece of antique silver might not necessarily be the mark of the silversmith who actually made the piece.

Most products have been produced through a workshop employing several different craftsmen. They would have specialised skills in hand raising, casting, assembly and polishing. The master who runs and owns the silversmith workshop will put his mark on that piece of antique silver.

Two of the silversmiths revered most are Paul de Lamerie and Paul Storr. Click here to see Paul Storr's mark on a classic William 1V antique silver teapot available through Warners Antique Silver. It is thought that the majority of Storr and Lamerie's work is produced by the workshop rather than the silversmith himself.

On occasion one silversmith would pass a piece of antique silver through the assay office for another who might have not had a registered mark. Paul de Lamerie was on occasion rebuked by the Goldsmith's Company for involvement in this practice.

Similarly, a retailer would sometimes overstrike the mark of a specialist silversmith. The Batemans are a famous family of silversmiths whose work is very collectable especially if by Hester or William. Some of their pieces have been overstruck by the retailer George Grey.

Friday, 15 July 2016 13:52

Antique Silver Wine Ewers

Antique silver wine ewers were first produced in the late 17th century. They are often a vase shaped design with ornate decoration depicting grape vines as in the example displayed here.

History denotes that antique silver ewers were initially used for washing fingers with rose water at the dining table. From that early use they became water jugs in Georgian times and then gradually they have taken on more elaborate designs and were most often used for pouring wine.

Details on the Victorian wine ewer displayed can be found by clicking here. This is a particularly fine example of an antique silver wine ewer. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find fine examples of antique silver having no crests or monograms - as is the case with this beautiful antique silver wine ewer.

Georgian and Victorian silver wine ewers are much sought after by antique silver collectors. Earlier examples are very hard to find and command high prices.





Sunday, 01 May 2016 18:51

Antique silver wine coasters

Antique silver wine coasters were developed in the 17th century, becoming more popular during the 18th century and are used to prevent wine seeping down the outside of the bottle onto the immaculately polished dining table.

Wine coasters were always produced in pairs - antique silver collectors should check that the hallmarks are the same on each antique wine coaster. As the marks are usually close to the base on the outside of the coaster it is becoming harder to find coasters with unrubbed hallmarks after centuries of cleaning!

The earliest antique wine coasters were quite small in diameter as they were only used for bottles, but as they started being used for glass decanters, so the coasters increased in size to six inches or more in diameter. 

Baize was added under the base of the coaster so as the bottle or decanter could be pushed effortlessly around the table.

They are still being produced in the 20th century, some very similar to the earlier examples.

Wine coasters can be completely made of silver or silver plate, but the two silver coasters displayed on the Warners Antique Silver website have turned wood bases, with silver inset circular bosses. It is unusual to find this silver boss without an inscription, hence the desirability of this pair of George 1V silver wine coasters displayed here

Georgian antique silver wine coasters and Victorian silver wine coasters are popular with collectors because they bring beauty and elegance to any dining table or sideboard.

Friday, 11 March 2016 17:14

Silver Sugar Casters


Silver casters were being made in the seventeenth century for sugar and pepper as well as mustard. Collectors can easily identify the difference between them, the largest always being for sugar.

The smaller pepper and mustard would be about the same size, although the mustard would be "blind" and not pierced in the same way as the pepper caster.

Antique silver sugar casters with baluster form are typical of the late eighteenth century.

Click here for details of this stunning Victorian silver sugar caster by Thomas Bradbury, London 1897

Thursday, 21 January 2016 16:26

Antique silver salvers

Click here to view this stunning pair of antique silver salvers. Many more are displayed on the Warners Antique Silver Dealers website.

The word salver is derived from the Spanish salva (testing food or drink for the presence of poison), the French salve ( meaning a tray used fror presenting articles to Royalty) and from Latin salvare meaning to save or preserve. When you put all that together, a salver is a beautiful silver tray without handles!

When thinking of buying a salver, a collector might find some difficulty in distinguishing between a salver and a waiter and the following might be of interest:

In general terms, a salver is a tray without handles,and if the diameter of the piece is under 7 inches (18 cm), it might alternatively be described as a waiter;

In the realms of antique silver, "salver" is the correct terminology whether referring to waiter or salver.

A silver salver had many different uses in Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian times. The butler might present the morning's letters or a visiting card on an antique silver salver . In the latter case the salver is more likely to have been a silver waiter . A larger silver salver would have been used for serving food or drink.

Silver salvers look magnificent on any sideboard in the dining room or as an antique silver ornament on any table in the house

We are online silver dealers and you can purchase any piece either directly off the website or by giving me a call on 07979761819. Don't forget that those beautiful silver birthday presents or silver Christening gifts can all be purchased here

Wednesday, 13 January 2016 19:25

Paul Storr Silver Teapot

Click here for details of this gorgeous antique silver teapot by one of the greatest silversmiths of the nineteenth century. His pieces can be found in the finest palaces and stately homes in Europe and throughout the world!

Paul Storr was the favourite silversmith of both George 111 and George 1V.

It was Storr's association with Philip Rundell of the outstanding silver firm of Rundell, Bridge and Rundell that bought his talents to prominence. Storr was the most brilliant silversmith of his time, and it was that supreme competence which attracted Rundell's firm. He worked for the firm from 1807 to 1819, but eventually set up on his own as he felt that his flair was not being expressed in the way he wished.

After working alone for a short period, Paul Storr realised that he needed a retail outlet and in 1822 teamed up with John Mortimer at an establishment in New Bond Street.

You can see many more examples of Georgian antique silver on this website. As antique silver dealers we keep Edwardian silver, Victorian antique silver as well as William 1V silver. You can buy silver online with Warners Antique Silver Dealers by following the simple purchasing procedure.

If there is any doubt, then give me a call on 07979761819.




Monday, 11 January 2016 11:34

Silver Birthday Presents

Buying a special gift for a twenty first birthday can often be difficult. Well, look no further than Warners Antique Silver, where finding a timeless piece of silver could not be easier.

As I often say, it doesn't have to be too expensive! Take a look at this lovely William 1V silver mug, full details of which can be found by clicking here.

Using the Warners Antique Silver website you can buy silver online. We are purely online silver dealers and by exploring our website you will notice not just William 1V silver, but Georgian antique silver, Victorian silver, as well as Edwardian antique silver. We have even included a few modern pieces of silver!

We are here to help with any purchase of antique silver you may wish to make. If further details are required you can contact us on 07979761819.

Our antique silver collection changes from day to day, and if there is any item not shown on our antique silver website, we can do our best to find that special item for you. Just give us a call!

Sunday, 27 December 2015 18:53

Silver Christening Mugs

We specialise in selling antique silver, and there can be no finer gift!

Silver christening gifts will literally last a life time and will be treasured by anyone fortunate enough to receive such a valuable piece of history

This beautiful silver christening mug (Click here) is one of several on the Warners Antique Silver Dealers website.

There is no greater pleasure than, when dealing in antique silver, a client makes a purchase for a Christening or birthday in the knowledge that the antique silver will bring many years of pleasure.

Silver Christening gifts and silver birthday presents do not have to be too expensive. The silver displayed on my website is primarily from the Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian eras, with tastes to suit all pockets, whether you are just being generous or perhaps a collector of fine antique silver yourself.

Wednesday, 09 December 2015 11:26

Antique Silver Christmas Sale - Silver Bowl

Here is the perfect family gift which would enhance any Christmas dining table - and Warners Antique Silver are offering a special discount of 20% on this beautiful antique Edwardian silver bowl. Click here for details.

This is a heavy and substantial piece of silver in excellent condition and it is perhaps unusual to find such a fine examle with no engravings or crests, no repairs and no defects.

This lovely silver basket looks glorious laden with fruit and is indeed an eye-catching centre piece for any Christmas table. Take a look at our antique silver candlesticks as well - they would create a stunning display!

If you are interested in purchasing this antique silver bowl/basket please give me a call on 07979 761819 and the price on the website will be adjusted down by 20%. This offer can only last until Christmas Day.

Until the New Year all other pieces of antique sterling silver on the Warners Antique Silver website are being offered with a 10% discount. Please call the above number.

10% off is only available until the New Year. So if you are looking for that perfect gift which also provides a solid investment look no further than Warners Antique Silver Dealers.

Buy now for those special silver christening presents or unique silver birthday presents while this offer lasts!


An Edwardian Sterling Silver Bowl

Sunday, 22 November 2015 12:07

Christmas Sale

Would you like to give a really superb Christmas present this year? Antique silver doesn't have to be too expensive, and just to give you a little added incentive we are offering 10% off all our antique silver until the New Year.

Please give me a call or contact me through the website and I will adjust the price accordingly on any piece of antique silver - be it Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or modern.

I hope you find a suitable piece of antique silver that would make a stunning gift for your loved one this Christmas,

Look no further than Warners Antique Silver to find that exclusive piece of silver - not just for Christmas but for Christenings, special birthdays and weddings as well.

This gorgeous Victorian antique silver swing-handled sugar basket is discounted to just £355.50. Click here or on the link below for details.

A Victorian Antique Silver Sugar Basket Swing Handled

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