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Thursday, 25 August 2016 06:02

Awesome Antique Silver Goblets

Antique silver goblets were most widely used up to the latter part of the seventeenth century, when they became less popular due to the use of glass in manufacturing.

At the time of George 111, sterling silver goblets regained some of their popularity. Georgian antique silver goblets were often designed in pairs, and some were even made to match silver wine ewers.

The earliest examples of silver goblets from Elizabethan times had either a shallow hemispherical bowl or a deep conical one, but in either case they were raised on a slender tapering stem atop a concave foot. These early examples are often profusely decorated.

In the seventeenth century the bowl became bucket shaped and these were normally raised on a baluster stem. Georgian silver goblets are more likely to have a neo-classical vase shape with a gadrooned edge to the foot, as seen in this pair by Henry Chawner (click here) . Rarer than these are those with a near egg-shaped bowl such as those displayed with this article, full details of which can be found by clicking here.

Campagna shaped bowls were most likely to be manufactured in the early nineteenth century. Victorian sterling silver goblets retained the neo-clasical vase shape but they were generally raised on more slender stems.

Whatever shape or style you might like, antique sterling silver goblets make superb gifts - perhaps a christening gift for a boy or certainly a twenty first birthday present. They would love you forever!


Every conceivable kind of silver cup has been used for drinking many different kinds of liquids, including alcohol, down the centuries. The Scandinavians manufactured silver tankards, silver cups, silver mugs as well as silver goblets as long ago as the 15th century. The English and Germans quickly followed suit, and the Americans were producing silver cups, mugs and goblets by the mid 17th century. Click here to see the antique sterling silver goblets displayed at Warners Antique Silver Dealers.

Early antique silver tankards and mugs were substantial pieces of silver, being wide and tapering outward at the top, and having a skirted base. 16thC examples were often decorated with scenes from nature such as flowers or animals. The handles were sometimes very elaborate, often being serpents or twisted vines. The thumb piece for tankards (a mug with a lid) often had cherub faces or lions heads in their design.

Long before tableware was common place, silver mugs and cups were often given as gifts, and the smallest ones for babies as christening gifts. An array of sterling silver christening mugs on our website can be seen by clicking here.  In those days, as today, sterling silver was seen as a sign of wealth and good fortune.

More details about the magnificent antique silver Georgian tankard displayed above can be found by clicking here.

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