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Antique silver goblets were most commonly produced in the seventeenth century, after which their popularity declined due to the increasing use of glass. Goblets made a bit of a revival in the late eighteenth century, and collectors will be aware that the neo-classical vase shape, as seen on this page, was most often found at that time.
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0121. A pair of George 111 antique silver goblets

by Henry Chawner, London 1791/1792.

Sales price: £3,495.00
0150. A silver goblet - George 111. REDUCED

by Thomas Wilkes Barker, London 1818.

Sales price: £895.00
0172. A pair of George 111 silver goblets

by Sebastian & James Crespell, London 1766.

Sales price: £2,575.00
0178. A Rare George 111 Antique Silver Goblet.

by Boulton & Fothergill, Birmingham 1778.

Sales price: £1,750.00

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